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What is an Estate Plan?

“An estate plan isn’t a will, trust and some supporting documents. It’s an interconnected set of legal documents and strategies, human relationships, contracts and economic considerations. All of these are subject to change both by internal and external factors . . .” – Timothy J. Belber, Ian McDermott & John A. Warnick

​Therefore, your individual estate plan necessarily involves on a process of discovery, reflection on and decisions about the choices before you. Farina Law makes this process the driving force behind the end result, your planning documents.

Importance of Estate Planning

Most everyone has something to pass on to others. A lot of times it involves money and tangible assets; it can also involve more than that such as values and philosophies. Families with modest resources may be more focused on disability planning and long term care. Other families, with greater means, may be concerned with how much their children inherit. Some families require Special Needs planning for a person with a disability. Whatever your concern may be regarding your planning, Farina Law Firm, PC, is here to help you.

At Farina Law Firm, PC, we are privileged to help you hand your legacy forward to the people you love and organizations you champion. We strive to have our clients feel cared for and become more at ease with these important matters. Together we plan thoughtfully for clients, and their families and loved ones. This relationship-based practice of law is first and foremost grounded in trust as we work to provide our clients with a custom-designed estate plan. We also like to collaborate with a select group of other professionals who are as committed as we are to helping you achieve your objectives. Our firm’s goal is that our clients feel — in a very tangible way — that their future is more secure, that they have directed their wishes with their own unique mark, and that they achieve peace of mind through this process.

What We Do

We are an estate planning law firm on Daniel Island in Charleston, South Carolina. Our practice is focused almost entirely on estate planning. Building estate plans usually revolves around either a Last Will & Testament or a Revocable Living Trust as the centerpiece legal document. Ancillary supporting documents complete a solid plan. We design how a client’s legacy gets handed forward to others. We help people with incapacity/disability planning using health care powers of attorney and durable powers of attorney, and we help people protect future inheritances from creditors and predators. A supplemental needs trust helps families to protect an inheritance or gift made to persons who have an impairment or disability. Also, we handle guardianship and conservatorship appointments. In addition, we help clients probate a will or create a trust to avoid the probate process and costs. Finally, we draft your estate plan to reduce or eliminate estate tax issues. For your comprehensive estate planning needs, contact Farina Law Firm, PC.

How We Do It

Farina Law Firm, PC, places a premium on quality client services. As a boutique firm, we emphasize client education, input and comfort. If a client’s schedule is demanding or if he/she is simply more comfortable in his/her own surroundings, Farina Law will plan at the client’s home and conduct a family meeting or briefing. This can inform children and parents about how the estate plan will work and may involve them as fiduciaries. Farina Law Firm, PC, strives to have the client feel comfortable and relaxed when planning about a very uncomfortable topic.

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